I is a freaky Giant! I is a nice and jumbly Giant! I is the only nice and jumbly Giant in Giant Country! I is The Big Friendly Giant! I is the BFG!

The B.F.G. (The Big Friendly Giant) is the protagonist of The BFG alongside Sophie.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

The B.F.G. is twenty-four feet in height. He has an 'enormous long pale wrinkly face with the most enormous ears'. His nose is 'as sharp as a knife, and above the nose he has two bright flashing eyes'. He sometimes wears a long black cloak, exclusively when he is blowing in dreams.

Temperament Edit

The B.F.G. is a nice and jumbly giant, as described by both Roald Dahl in the blurb of the book he appears in and The B.F.G. himself. He is considered a far nicer giant than all the others, as he refuses to eat 'human beans', like all the other giants do; in fact, he would rather eat snozzcumbers, a revolting vegetable.

Unique Vocabulary Edit

He also speaks with words sometimes jumbled up; for example, he said 'catastrous disastrophe' instead of 'disastrous catastrophe' in The BFG.

Possessions Edit

  • A long trumpet: He uses this to blow dreams into bedrooms in the night.
  • Dream-catching net: He uses this to catch the dreams.
  • Glass bottles: He uses glass bottles to store the dreams.
  • Frobscottle: Click here for more information.
  • Snozzcumber: As said before, it is a revolting vegetable.

Quotes Edit

Giants is never guzzling other giants.
Is you helping me to find this Palace?
The rotten old rotrasper!

Trivia Edit

  • The B.F.G., being twenty-four feet tall, is less than one-third the height of the other Giants, as he tells Sophie.
  • The B.F.G. speaks with incorrect grammar, as he never went to school.
  • The B.F.G. speaks his own language, called Gobblefunk.