Gobblefunk is Roald Dahl's own language. The words are found across his literature and explain meaning when Dahl's dreamworld transcends normal adjectives.

List of Words Edit

Below is a list of some words that are used:

A-E Edit

Word Definition
Bagglepipes Bagpipes
Bogglebox A school for boys
Bootboggler A military man
Crabcruncher A creature that lives on high cliffs, around the sea.
Crodscollop An absolutely delicious flavour.
Crodsquinkled Caught.

F-J Edit

Word Definition
Filthsome Disgusting
Fizzlecrump Don't have a running race with it if you think you're fast.
Fluckgungled Caught
Flushbunkled Caught- as caught as a bee in a web.
Frobscottle Click the link for more information
Gloriumptious Glorious and wonderful.
Gobblefunk You are looking at the definition of Gobblefunk.
Goggler An eye.
Gunzleswiped Caught
Hornswoggler Stay away from these creatures.
Human bean The name The BFG gives to people.
Jabbeling Talking/chattering
Jiggered With no hope
Jumbly All mixed up.

K-O Edit

Word Definition

P-T Edit

Word Definition

U-Z Edit

Word Definition
Vermicious Knid A very bad alien that can "lixivate" you very quickly.
Whizzpopper Methane released from the bottom; a fart
Whoopsy-splunkers Fantastic!
Whoopsy-wiffling Great!

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